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BMW and Sustainability

For us at BMW sustainability is key.

Over the past decades BMW’s have carried out many projects to make sure that their commitment to becoming sustainable is achieved. We have implemented significant standards in the life cycle assessment of BMW vehicles, beginning before we even start production, starting with the resources used, through to the energy consumption, to the recycling rate. Bit by bit, our path towards an environmentally friendly and emission-free future is becoming a reality.

Discover more about what we are doing to create a more sustainable future below.

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FSC Certified wood

At BMW we are committed to responsible and sustainable forestry by following to the strict standards of the Forest Stewardship council (FSC). What it is used for? Step inside the BMW i3 and you’ll find the instrumental panel which is made of FSC-Certified eucalyptus wood.


What is Kenaf? It is a plant from the hibiscus family with fibers that are put to a wide range of commercial uses!
What is it used for? The interior of the i3 comprises of 30% kenaf which sets the standard within the automobile production for the suitable deployment of resources.


What is Econyl? A recycled material, made from nylon yarn that is extracted from nylon waste
What is it used for? Used to produce carpets. We use it in the upper layer of floor coverings as well as in the floor mats of the new BMW iX.

Natural Rubber

What is it used for? The production of tyres.
In 2019 BMW Founded the independent Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber. The objective: structure the entire value-added chain of natural rubber so that is demonstrably sustained.

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