Is BMW iPerformance right for me?


Is BMW iPerformance right for me?


BMW Performance. Enjoyed Responsibly.

Welcome to BMW iPerformance. A familiar shape, but underneath, 21st century electric technology. The BMW plug-in hybrids combine the typical BMW qualities with the advantages of electric driving. Whatever your motoring needs, there’s a BMW iPerformance model that fulfils them. From family car to supercar, off-roading to business user, they’re all capable of driving purely on batteries, for zero emissions at the point of use*. Some of our most frequently asked questions have been answered below to help you see how iPeformance can fit in to your lifestyle.

What is BMW iPerformance?

The BMW iPerformance vehicles use the BMW electric drive technology developed by BMW i. They are able to cover short and medium distances purely on electric power by utilising the electric motor, lithium-ion battery and intelligent energy management. When required the TwinPower Turbo the petrol engine will be activated.

Is BMW iPerformance right for me?

A crucial factor in making the decision is the availability of facilities for charging the vehicle at home. For example, you will require a domestic socket, a BMW i Wallbox or another charging location in your neighbourhood. Furthermore, the cost benefits of an iPerformance model will vary depending on how you drive and the number of journeys you can make in electric mode.

Is it similar to driving a conventionally powered BMW car?

BMW iPerformance models are designed to very high technical standards, based on the same vehicle architecture as conventional models. Independent institutes have also confirmed the safety of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with high-voltage batteries.

How far is the electric range?

Every BMW iPerformance model has a different electric range. The electric range actually achieved depends on many factors, such as the use of air-conditioning and individual driving style. When the high-voltage battery is discharged, purely electric driving is no longer possible, but it is still possible to continue driving thanks to the combustion engine. An intelligent energy management system means no damage can occur to the high-voltage battery at any time even when displayed as completely “empty”.

On the BMW 530e model a range of 30 miles can be achieved purely on electric range.

How long does the high-voltage battery last?

The high voltage batteries are made from lithium-ion which, in contrast to conventional nickel, lead or cadmium batteries, have been optimised for use in motor vehicles. Within the scope of the BMW Battery Certificate, your BMW Centre guarantees to rectify any defect in the high-voltage battery for the first 60,000 miles or up to a maximum of five years after delivery of the new vehicle (the first criterion fulfilled applies). You can find out about details of the service entitlements of the BMW Battery Certificate from your BMW Centre.

How often do I need to recharge a BMW iPerformance model?

If possible, you should charge your BMW iPerformance model whenever the opportunity arises – be it at home or on the move. This means that you can always take advantage of the maximum possible electric range and thus minimise fuel consumption.

Can I park a BMW iPerformance model for a lengthy period of time?

Parking for a lengthy period of time (e.g. for several weeks) is of course possible, but the charge level of the high-voltage battery may decrease if the vehicle is not moved for a substantial period. It is therefore advisable to park the vehicle with an almost fully charged battery or to connect the vehicle with a suitable charging station during lengthy stationary phases, as this will then automatically recharge the high-voltage battery if necessary. Please also take note of the advice relating to lengthy stationary phases in the operating instructions provided with the vehicle.

Our range of BMW iPerformance models is continually growing, as is the industry demand for low emission premium models. Take a look at our BMW iPerformance range below.

BMW 530e Saloon

BMW 530e Saloon

The BMW 530e iPerformance Saloon features innovative technology to provide impressive levels of performance and efficiency. This car combines the dynamic ability and acceleration of a high performance 5 Series Saloon with the benefits of a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, using both electric and petrol drivetrains.

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*Zero emissions at the point of use. This means that any emissions created in generating the electricity to charge the batteries is not included. For completely zero emissions, the electricity must come from a zero emissions source, such as solar panels.